Keep 100% Commission.
Pay No Monthly Fees.

Rex started with the idea that a technology-driven brokerage could operate with significantly less overhead.

We cut out the fat that makes other brokerages costly — hundreds of storefront locations and manual account management.

100% Canadian owned and operated, servicing the Greater Toronto Area

No monthly fees or splits

Dont pay for what you don't need. We've cut out the overhead costs that don't benefit you; storefronts, big management teams,

Pay only when you do a deal

$495 per trade. We offer additional services on a pay for what you need model. It's that simple.

Your own website

Your online reputation managed by Rex. Personal page with your info, listings and more.

Free online training

Over 20 hours of video tutorials, seminars, and pointers available online.

Rex vs Traditional Brokerages

If you sell 4 homes per year with an average selling price of $500k. At 2.5%, your total gross commission is $50,000 per year.
Your traditional brokerage has a 10% split, a $500 monthly fee, and a $695 deal fee.

You get to keep

$36,220 per year
$48,020 per year

Common Questions

Where are you located?
Our office is in Toronto and we are re members of TREB.
How do you make money?
We make money off our deal fees. We can do this because our technology keeps our overhead low.
How long does it take to transfer to Rex?
One week or less. We handle all the paperwork for you.
What happens if I want to leave?
You can leave at any time. No fees.
What about my listings?
You can bring your listings to Rex. No transfer fees.
What if I need help doing a deal?
Rex is a self serve brokerage. We can help you finish line deals for a nominal fee.
Are you a discount brokerage?
No. We are a full service, full commission brokerage using technology to keep your costs low.
Who are you? I've never heard of you.
Our parent company is, Canada's most popular online brokerage. We are financially stable and have been in business 5 years. We have offices all across Canada.
Why are there no offices?
Our goal is to help you maximize your revenue per trade. In order to do we're keeping our overhead low.
How do I get paid?
Direct deposit of commission to your bank account.
How soon do I get paid?
You typically receive your payments within 3-5 banking days after the closing date.
Do you have a commission advance program?
Yes - we can help you get you paid in advance.
Can I park my license?
Yes. Rex is a great place to park your license. You are responsible for your board fees.
Are there quotas?
Not at Rex. You get to set your own sales goals!